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3 weeks left



Training has been dece over the last few weeks, of note some of the better lifts

Klokov complex @ 90kg

Hang snatch triples @ 80kg

120kg clean no belt

Doubles from a 2inch deficit @ 80kg


I feel pretty fresh, once again on the 24th just looking to increase my total but i’ve got my eyes on 100/125, if i’m fresh and chill out it will be definitely in reach.

Saturday morning lifting crew is goin real well, and just having a lot of fun. Definitely goin to sort out a team for club champs which is Melbourne 23rd-26th March. Not missin out this time.


Back at it


Ok, so seriously knuckling down this time and putting in the effort to keep this thing alive.

We have started a weightlifting crew at the gym, where all the guys that want to really focus on the lifting side of things and compete in the sport can train together. 2 weeks in it has been really positive, seen a couple of consistent lifts being made and it’s fun just hanging out and throwin a bit overhead. As someone that has had to train on their own pretty much exclusively for a year it is really cool to lift with the guys again.

Basically our Saturday mornings look like this

Snatch Max
C&J max
Front squat RM (2or 3)

The guys are able to get a bit of exposure during the week doin the normal strength work, if they are having a miserable time and I believe that they are missing something foundational i’ll give them some drills to do.The whole point is to get reps at max done at least once a week and the guys are benefiting from it greatly.

My training hasn’t been ideal of late due to work/gym bustin my ass, very very soon i will be making the transition out of other full time work which i can’t wait for.

Expect this to be kept more current with the Saturday crew training updates and my own training as Nov 24 (next comp) draws closer.

Next comp

Just back from 12 days in NZ with a comp on this Saturday.

My wrists feel pretty rat shit right now due to sliding around on ice for 4 days straight. In saying that while i was over there i was able to snatch pretty well with copious amounts of tape used.

My weight will be so so, i ate so much food, was excellent. Will be cutting it fine for 77kg but i’m willing to go to 85s if necessary. As long as i leave with a 200kg total i don’t care. I’m gonna be fairly conservative with attempts i really want a minimum 4/6 with the hail mary option for my last attempts.

Feeling pretty chilled goin in, we’ll see how we do on the other side



In the AM

Snatch Max – nailed 80 easy, got 90 comfortably
C&J Max – Nailed 115 no dramas, got under 120 put failed out of the squat

In the PM

Squat 5×2 @ 130kg, last 2 sets were almost slowmo
Snatch Pull 5×2 @ 90, pretty sweet
Clean Pull 5×2 @ 110, pretty sweet

My favourite 105+ got crushed, Steiner, holy crap

Photo: Matthias Steiner (105kg+, Germany) drops 196kg on his neck.  Steiner, the defending Olympic Champion, managed to walk away but he was unable to continue in the competition.



Back at it


Ok so after months with this on the sidelines, I’ve decided to get back into documenting my shit. The last 4 months have been pretty crazy but better than I could ever have imagined possible. Quick recap on the last few bits, lotsa lifting, lotsa long days, Adapt has been mental and life has been pretty packed out. It has been pretty dece though.

I am 4 weeks out from my next competition on 01/09/12, training has been tight apart from a bit of pain through my left wrist over the last few days. Hit a 92.5 snatch last week, which felt schweet, am hoping to hit a bit more on the platform.  Cleans have felt real good lately, nailing 117 most days without dramas. It will be real interesting to see how i go because I’m away for the 12 days preceeding it in new zealand skiing and what not. I will be able to lift @ crossfit queenstown o hopefully won’t be too bad. Currently @ 79kg BW.

The olympics on currently have been amazing, apart from the shithouse coverage if you don’t fork out billions of dollars for foxtel. I’ve seen alot of the top lifters from stuff on youtube but overall it was been a bit off the radar for me.


This will be kept more up to date from now on

Also Illy Friday flips, get on it

Catching up


WordPress has been shit lately and not posting stuff. Or maybe i’m just a battler

Busy weekend at 70s big workshop, pretty amazing stuff, Justin gave a whole bunch of coaching tips that really helped me in my mission to not only become a pretty dece lifter but a quality coach in the process. He also gave me some stuff to alter for my snatch.

I won’t post all my training sessions here, just the stuff of note to catch up

  • C&J PR 117.5kg
  • Clean PR 120kg

Stoked with these


Hopefully wordpress will quit giving me grief and i’ll be able to update more regularly


Getting a pump on



Today my head was really fucking sore from that missed rep on Sunday. I woke up Monday morning and was in a world of hurt. Got into the gym early in the arvo and Rosey was hitting some upper body stuff so decided to just get a bit of a pump goin

  • Weighted Pullups – 3×5 @24kg – solid
  • Ring Dips – 2x Max strict – 12,11

That was about it, just having a play with some stuff. Did some snatch drills after that before demoing snatches to the crew. Jon North’s Chest bump drill has been a god send, just the notion of making the pull as long and tall as possible and then pulling the bar back at the apex of the lift has fixed my shitty catch out in front.

I also caught this on on Marotta’s blog

YOLO is an acronym my generation seems to be very fond of. It stands for “You Only Live Once”. People like to say it before they do some really stupid shit as a rationalization for it. They think that because you only have one shot at life it’s perfectly fine to do stupid irresponsible shit because, uhhhh, might as well, You Only Live Once. I agree that those four words are very important, but I feel like they’ve been taken in the complete opposite direction that they should have. The way I see it is, I only have X amount of time on this planet, one shot, one life, I should do something with it that I can be proud of. Live a life that everyone who was a part of it can say they were proud to know me. I only live once so at the end of that life I want to be able to grab a mirror stare straight into my eyes and be able to honestly think “I was a good man.” If you’re going to use your time on this planet as an opportunity to be a reckless (Not in a good way) irresponsible twat, what the fuck is the point? Why do you deserve an opportunity at this live if you’re living it without any end goal, without any cause, just to goof off. I will only live once, I want take that life and make of it something my Grandfather, my father, My son (hopefully) and I can be proud of.


I was having a chat with someone the other day in regards to a similar thing and after seeing this it’s a good way to sum up why i do what i do. I’m 23 and in bed by 9pm every night, don’t drink and don’t eat shit. I try not to act like a complete douche all the time which is against the stereotype of a 23yo male. Basically i’m trying to make something of myself and not be an irresponsible piece of shit. That is all